What Do We Offer?



The National Gardenia Society Inc. provides a multifaceted sisterhood for the professional feminine lesbian of color. We value our sisters and are always seeking ways to empower our membership in a personal, social and professional way. We believe in "Building Better Women, With Love Through Trust, In Unity." As a organization, we promote positive lesbian visibility and seek to change the narrative surrounding the lesbian woman of color identity.

LGBT Community Empowerment

The National Gardenia Society Inc. is a sisterhood committed to serving the LGBTQ+ community. Through servant leadership, passion and consistency we make a difference by focusing our community empowerment efforts in the areas that are most marginalized.

Travel Opportunities

The National Gardenia Society Inc. hosts an exclusive sisterhood reunion every year. This annual vacation unites our sisters across the nation for a weekend of adventure, bonding and celebrating one another in sisterly love.

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