The Role of the Gardenia

How beautiful the fragrant gardenia 
How virtuous in her titanium white 
nestled in the coolness of a summer song 
like a virgin as she sleeps in the night 

Her fair face is a gem in the garden 
rivaling the jasmine, the lilac and the rose 
Her skin yet unblemished by light of the sun 
untouched in part shade where she grows 

How sensuous the perfume of her smile 
announcing her sweet presence in the air 
Inspiring the racing of an old poet’s heart 
as it is worn in a young woman’s hair 

Polychromatic is the spectrum of her beauty 
Far and reaching are the effects of her role 
The gardenia is the incense of heaven 
where she entices the serenity of the soul 

© 2003 Amor Sabor


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