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Not a look, but a feeling.

We, the founding sisters of The National Gardenia Society Inc. are committed to the success and wellbeing of lesbian women everywhere. We take pride in creating this space that promotes new life experiences unique to the bond of sisterhood and community empowerment.

We are keen on challenging harmful narratives and ideologies that diminish the significance of lesbians and LGBTQ people collectively. We find it necessary to raise the level of positive visibility of lesbians of color while also amplifying the voice and concerns of the most marginalized.

From the beginning, we have produced a host of social, economic, political, and wellness-based programs and events. Our work is life-changing, life-saving, and essential to the livelihood of our organization.

We are fortunate to have a family of sisters who found alignment with our cause and who contribute to our success every year. We are thankful for our community partners, and network of supporters who believe in what we offer and help us to make a difference. 

May we continue to lead by example in sisterhood, accomplishment, service, and solidarity as our legacy grows.